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About MORTAIN & MAVRIKIOS Yacht Design office

It comes as a result of natural evolution. The firm was created in 1994; it has already numerous successful designs to its name. Alain and Yiannis have very complementary backgrounds. Still, they both have personal experience and a feeling for each other's domain. The result is a wide range of abilities and a creative "point-counterpoint" design process. They do combine the "can we improve things by doing otherwise" non-conformist and innovative approach (a French specialty), with the "new and different is not always better" pragmatic approach. Designs, as varied as production Sailing monohulls (Dufour / Jeanneau / Kirié / Privilège / Etap) Globe/BOC 50/60 footers (36-15 Met, Helvim), sailing catamarans (Dufour / Nautitech / Multicap Caraibes / Ocean Voyager), round the world aluminium cruising centerboarders (Passoa / Salt), passenger motor catamarans (Multicaps Caraibes), service and fishing boats, etc... are parts of their production.
The variety and commercial success of all these models reflect Alain and Yiannis's versatility, their will, and their ability for creating the right boat to fit each program and each customers, be it a series production yard, a one-off owner, a single-handed skipper, or otherwise. This philosophy and design approach is best described by Alain and Yiannis: "At the beginning of each design, our objective is not only to create another "look alike" Mortain & Mavrikios boat but to design a new "Nice Customer" model incorporating fresh and innovative features and styling but still being identified as a "Nice Client" boat right for today, and tomorrow. In addition to our respect of each client's personality and needs, we have been widely recognized over the years for our ability to create particularly seaworthy designs with elegant, ergonomic decks and interiors, where space utilization is especially well optimized".


Has an art/designer's background with two years of "Beaux-Arts" and a university standard interior design degree. At the end of his studies, his passion for boats and the sea made him look for a job near one of the best known French, naval architects of the moment. After several letters and phone calls, his determination paid off. He joined the Philippe Harlé Design Office (designer of the Muscadet, Armagnac, Romanee, Sangria, Fantasia, etc) in 1982.
Two years later, he became an associate and the Harlé-Mortain signature was born.


Is a University of Michigan Naval Architecture graduate. He obtained a double M.Sc. in Naval Architecture and Ocean Systems Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before realizing his dream of yacht design he spent five years as an offshore structures engineer and two years as head of the Jeanneau yard's engineering design office and prototype team.
In 1991, brief time before Philippe Harlé's early loss, he joined the Harlé-Mortain office as an associate.